Snowman Trek

27 Days


The snowman trek is to challenge yourself as the trek tests your stamina, trekking abilities and mental and physical health. It’s no joke that Snowman Trek is considered to be the most challenging trek in Bhutan. It falls under strenuous category because far more people have ascended the Mount Everest than completing this alpine quest. Many people have reportedly returned without completing the quest due to illness along the way.

Considering, beautiful destinations comes along the hardest of the ways, the alpine quest unfolds the best of the views of the Himalayas. Despite its reputation of being strenuous, the ones who have completed the quest says to be wonderfully varied and remote hike, taking in astonishing Himalayan scenery and offering the opportunity to witness some of the world’s rarest wildlife.

Acclimatization is a must as the hours of walk up and down the steepest hills and camping along the way will bring the best of the trek. This Snowman Trekking crosses dozen of 5000 meter high passes, thus completing a traverse of the northern border with Tibet and thereby seeing all the unnamed as well as unclimbed 7000 meter peaks.


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Snowman Trek